samsung 30Q 18650 battery


Samsung 18650-30Q is a flat top battery produced by Samsung. It is a long lasting 3000mAh, high drain battery.

1 x Samsung INR 18650-30Q Battery

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The Samsung 30Q 3000mAh 20A Battery is a flat top battery produced by Samsung. It is a long lasting 3000mAh, high drain battery and perfect for 18650 compatible devices.


  • Model: 30Q
  • Manufacturer: Samsung SDI
  • Country of Origin: South Korea
  • Chemistry: INR (Hybrid)
  • Max. continuous discharge current: 19A
  • Nominal capacity: 3000 mAh
  • Nominal voltage: 3.6 V
  • Discharge end voltage: 2.5 V
  • Charging voltage: 4.20 +/- 0.05 V
  • Standard charging current: 1.5 A
  • Protection: Not Protected (Flat-Top)

Safe usage, storage and disposal

Lithium-ion (Li-ion/Liion) batteries/cells can be dangerous when mistreated.

  • Never carry loose cells – they should be suitably cased at all times when not in use. (We supply free cases with every order)
  • Do not short batteries with metalic objects.
  • Always use a battery charger designed for the cells you are charging. You can find ours here
  • Never leave a battery charger unattended.
  • Never completely discharge batteries. (The cut off for most cells is 2.8v or 2.5v)
  • Check your wraps and insulators regularly. Replace worn or damaged wraps before continuing use. You can see our selection here
  • Do not expose to extreme heat or cold, or sudden fluctuations between the two.
  • Always dispose of end of life cells at your local WEEE recycling centre or return them to us for free disposal.
More Information
Manufacturer Samsung
Battery Type 18650
Voltage Output 2.5v
Battery Current / Discharge (Amps) 20A
Battery Capacity 3000 mAh
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