Vape Tanks & Cartomizers

Vape Tanks

Even the most basic e-cigarette or vape pen has to have some kind of tank element, it’s where the e-liquid is stored. However, as you move onto more advanced vaping hardware and perhaps choose to try a box mod style kit, then the vape tanks you have to choose from become more diverse. Vape tanks are simply the top element of the e-cigarette where the e-liquid is held. Your vape tank plays a key role in the quality of your experience, the intensity of the flavour you enjoy and cloud production.

Choosing the right Vape Tank

Vape tanks are usually made from glass or strong polycarbonate plastic and most kits come complete with tank, but this may not be the right one for your experience. Some vape tanks are very basic and simply ensure you can quickly and easily vape your chosen e-liquid, others are more advanced. Some vape tanks on the market incorporate special features such as airflow control to further personalise your vape.

The different features of your chosen vape tank will impact your experience in different ways. If you are using a more advanced vape kit then you will need to look for a suitable sun Ohm tank, designed for vaping higher VG e-liquids and ensuring they can be efficiently vaporised and enjoyed. You may also want to consider the position of the coils in your chosen vape tanks – do you prefer bottom coil or top coil designs? There are benefits of both and it could be worth exploring your options before simply making a choice. There is usually no need to stick to a single brand as many of the leading vape tank designers ensure their products are universally designed and should work with most e-cigarettes and mods.