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Aspire isn’t the oldest company in the vaping business – although none of them are exactly old – but, since being founded in 2013, they’ve really made a big impression. They first came to vapers’ attention with their signature Nautilus tank, and tanks are what they’re still best known for – for a whole lot of good reasons.

Like most of the leading e-cig makers, Aspire is based in Shenzhen, China – the capital of global vape manufacturing. This city has a lively network of vaping innovators, and there’s a lot of technological progress going on there. Aspire have been at the leading edge of that innovation ever since they opened for business.

Aspire really became known for the Nautilus, which appeared in late 2013. This introduced adjustable airflow to mainstream atomisers, and delivered rebuildable performance with the convenience of easily replaced pre-built heads. That was followed a few months later by the sub-ohm Atlantis, which was another big step up in performance.

Since then Aspire have kept ahead of the game with a series of stunning tank designs. The Cleito is a firm favourite, and the uprated Cleito 120 is perfect for high-power enthusiasts. The Nautilus and Atlantis have been through a series of updates, and are still popular options. Aspire also do great starter kits – their Zelos 50W mod and Nautilus 2 tank combo is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a simple way into vaping without compromising on quality and performance.

What makes Aspire so great is that they take attention to detail seriously. Aspire coils are our best-sellers because they’re such high quality; the expert workmanship that goes into them means they give incredible taste and vapour production with all the most popular liquids. In fact they’re so good that some tank makers don’t bother designing their own coils – they just use Aspire ones. We think that says it all.